A World Heritage site

Lake Naverone is situated in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg – a World Heritage site. There are many options for hiking available ranging from easy, kid friendly river hikes to the more strenuous Rhino or 3 pools hike, depending on your fitness level. There also Bushman paintings in the area which are reachable on foot.

You will experience a breath-taking view of Lake Naverone & a panoramic view of the Southern Drakensberg

Hiking Trails

The hikes listed below range from easy to extreme.

If you are unsure what would be suitable or need more information or a guide please contact us at reception.

The weather in the Drakensberg can change in a matter of minutes, always pack accordingly and let someone know what route you plan on taking.

Three Pools and Champagne Pool Walk

Eland are often seen on these walks. Walk or drive to Lake Naverone main entrance, turn left then take the first dirt road to the right (there are many signposts to holiday homes). Drive or walk across the wooden bridge, or through the stream below. Follow the gravel road until you reach a Naverone farm gate. Leave your vehicle at this gate and continue on foot for 2.3km. Take the footpath along the hillside, staying in the direction of Rhino Peak until you reach the KZNNCS (parks board) fence & gate: here you leave Naverone property and enter a KZNNCS Wilderness Area. Continue until you reach the 1st Pool at the confluence of two streams – 80m to your right, partly hidden from view, is Champagne Pool. The 2nd & 3rd Pools are 100m further on whilst keeping the original stream on your right.

Total walking time 3.5 hours round trip from Naverone to the 3rd Pool

Bushman Painting Walk

Walk to Three Pools as above, then cross the stream between the 1st and 2nd Pools, climb the steep bank in the wedge formed by the two streams. You will now be on a big grassy plateau. Follow the footpath across the plateau, keeping to the right of Rhino. You will come to a small stream – 200m further there is a metal arrow pointing to an overhanging rock, where the paintings are found. There are more paintings approximately 1km up the slope beyond the arrow. 40 minutes round trip on from Three Pools.

Seven Falls Walk (in summer):

The route is not properly maintained by KZNNCS (Parks Board). Walk to the top end of our main lake & go through the silver gate near the little bridge, into the KZNNCS (Parks Board) Wilderness Area. Climb the knoll in front of you. Once on the top of the knoll you will be on a flat plateau. Walk across this plateau & on towards a very prominent pointed hillock ahead of you near the base of the mountain ridge. At this point one should be able to follow the contour path either to the left & on to ‘Castleburn, or to the right & on to Drakensberg Gardens Hotel. Along this walk in the wet season you will see at least 7 waterfalls & one can walk to any one of them. For the more adventurous, one can continue walking in this direction & head towards a deep ‘V’ in the ridge. By scrambling your way along to the left of the ‘V’ you will eventually emerge on top of the ridge where you will experience a breath-taking view of Lake Naverone & a panoramic view of the Southern Drakensberg. Eland can be seen here.

Day permits are required for these 3 walks

(From Reception)

Lakeside Walk:

From the office proceed past Cottage No. 20 then the three double-storey cottages, through the pine trees to the wooden bridge over the stream feeding the dam. Keep left by the fence, or turn right alongside the dam. Go right at the wattle thicket, bringing you onto the wide track below Robin Cottage (green roof), then behind Nightjar, Cuckoo, Crake, Dabchick, Coot & Plover cottages, and back across the dam wall. It is an easy 2.350km /45 minute round-trip.

Riverside and Wetlands Walk:

As though leaving Naverone, you should turn left onto Drak Gdns Rd then immediately turn right at the farm gate onto Naverone airstrip, closing the gate behind you. Turn right to the eastern end of the runway. Follow the path to the river then track the river upstream to the road that passes the west end of the airstrip (mountain side), then back around to Naverone. One can take a small detour around the wetland area before re-joining the road to the airfield & walk back to Lake Naverone (2.5 to 3 hours round trip). Great spots to picnic.

Sunrise Walk

This short walk starts at the old farm gate next to the jungle gym. Once you have passed through the gate turn right onto the jeep track and then you should follow this track to the top of the ravine where you will pass over a wooden foot bridge. From here the trails goes up the hill to the very top, where you will find a bench. From this bench you can enjoy the most amazing views of our horse paddock and surroundings hills.

It then meanders along the edge of the hill and through a small forest to a second bench. This is a wonderful spot to spend a bit of time at, as you can see the entire valley, and all its beauty. Both the Lake Naverone lakes are clearly visible from here, as well as the Mlambonja River. From here the trails cuts straight down to the foot of the hill and makes its way back to the farm gate where the trail started.

The distance of this trail is just less than 2 kilometers and you can expect to climb about 55 meters in altitude.

This trail is marked with white footprints that are painted on rocks